Melbet support and customer service

Melbet customer support is available in 23 languages, including English, German Russian and Hindi. You can get the help you need by several methods: for a quick feedback from our mediator we have introduced live chat which allows customers to solve their problems quickly and directly with an agent without waiting on hold or filling out lengthy contact forms. For more specific inquiries there are many departments that will gladly offer assistance— such as emailing one of the following departments — useful for solving different types of issues; Help Desk (for general information), Feedback Team (if your issue isn’t resolved) or Customer Service Department (to discuss billing).

With Melbet, you can get advice and support quickly for a variety of issues on your phone.

In these days where everyone is busy with their lives and schedules, getting help in the form of texts or calls to your mobile device seems like an easy way to stay up-to-date without spending hours talking into the void. With this Melbet app people have access when they need it most through messages that are sent directly from agents who know how insurance works!

General questions by email

A team of customer support professionals, at all times and in all weathers, will help you with your query. If you have any questions, send them to this email address —

Security department email

If you have any questions about the Securities Department, write to this email address

Email for advertising

For advertising proposes and questions, please use this email address —

Cell phone number

24-hour support from leading experts by +7 804-333-72-91.

Melbet support

How long would it take to get a response?

It’s not easy to find a solution when you’re having an issue. There are many ways for reaching out, but which one is the best? Well luckily there are two helpful options right here on this website that can help take care of it: live chat and emailing your question straight away!

Live Chat allows you to talk with someone in real-time about what might be going wrong or how they can fix it. It also gives them time to answer any questions before moving forward, unlike waiting until after work hours while trying emailing during office hours means getting back later than expected because everyone else needs their attention too!