Privacy policy

Melbet is a company that manages your relationship with them. This Privacy Policy describes the way we deal with information and data you provide to us for this purpose, which may include either personal details on our website or otherwise held by us related to you.

By submitting your information in any manner, including using our site’s online contact form (or through other methods)and accessing content via the internet browser that provides access from one’s device onto Melbet services, products or websites (the «Websites»), You are deemed as consenting unconditionally and without reservation all of these terms set out herein here.

Information collected and its use on Melbet

You might be wondering what information we collect about you, well here it is. In addition to the stuff that’s already on your profile page and things like Facebook or Twitter posts, we also have additional data including:

  • any info you enter into forms (such as those for uploading a CV), anything submitted via email or telephone chat with us;
  • records of all our correspondence from phone calls to emails;
  • details of every transaction carried out between yourself and ourselves — whether online at this website, in person through one of our stores, over the phone etc.;
  • finally some other important bits which are traffic data such as location-specific time spent visiting certain pages on this site during specific periods e.g., winter vs summer months) plus log files where various.

We use your personal information and data to process bets, set up accounts for you, comply with our legal duties. We also carry out customer analysis in order to provide promotions only where they are requested by the customers themselves. All of this is done using advanced security systems that keep all transactions safe from frauds or cheats so we can be sure everything runs smoothly!

Information Disclosures

We will protect your personal data and betting history with the upmost care. In order to investigate fraud or money laundering, we share this information with regulators, sporting bodies as well as other organizations including police forces.


Melbet Privacy Policy

Melbet has invested heavily in security over the past few years. Not only have we made significant investments into SSL encryption and firewall technology, but our entire workforce is trained to be on-guard for fraudulent activity or inappropriate use of information. We also require that any personal data collected must adhere to strict laws as well as a 100% privacy warranty from Melbet staff members who handle this sensitive information so it remains secure at all times!

Your information is just as safe with us! We have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that your transmission will not be intercepted by a third-party. You can feel secure in knowing you’re protected while shopping on our site, and we hope this reassures you when making an order from us.

Your personal data is secured once it reaches our servers at cloud storage centers around the world – there’s no chance of unauthorised access or interception because any outside party would need specific knowledge about both where our server resides and what software applications are running within its networks.

Changes in our Melbet privacy policy

We want to make sure you know that we will always be transparent with our practices and policies. That’s why no changes can go into effect until they are posted on this site, so please check back!

The future of the Privacy Policy is constantly being updated in order for it to stay up-to-date with new technologies. These updates may not necessarily require an update here — but all major revisions regarding privacy or security will be made public through a notice from us at least 30 days before going live (so keep your eyes peeled!).

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