Esports Betting at MelBet

Millions of people choose Esports Betting at Melbet every day. This company is the largest bookmaker. If you love the taste of winning and believe in luck, esports bets will suit you. Melbet is the best partner for game lovers. You can use unique tools and various bonuses. In addition, you can place bets even from a regular mobile phone in melbet app.

Melbet is a brand that has been recognized for its quality service in the gaming industry. With hundreds of countries around the world and being an industry leader, Melbet eSports often leads trends with other online bookmakers by offering first-class customer service, exceptional bonuses and training programs to help gamers get started as well as unmatched mobility if they are looking to try something new on their own time across various devices.

Esports bets — what you need to know

Esports Betting at MelBet involves registration on the official website of the company. Next, the user must confirm their own identity and deposit money into the account. All this is very simple and takes a little time. Esports bets are in a separate section among other sports. You can place bets in the Line section or in the Live section. The first one is needed for scheduled events, and the second one is needed for current events. Select a competition. After that, you will see the coefficients that are available to you. Decide what result you need, specify the amount and click «Play».

Esports Betting at Melbet

Esports betting categories in Melbet

Esports Betting at MelBet offers customers a variety of options for winning. In the corresponding section on the main page of the site you will find many modern games. You can also bet on sports simulator tournaments. Esports on Melbet can be divided into esports matches and virtual games.

A few words about inventory and coefficients

A lot of people love esports bets. Bets are for gambling people who believe in their victory. Melbet offers you a large number of matches and competitions. Inventory is limited to P1/P2 type bets. In some cases, it can use forms and summary data on maps. In Live, there are many more options available to the user. The discipline and status of the game is of great importance.

Live esports betting

Live Bets on eSports

Live mode is not the richest of Melbet’s offerings. Unlike in other betting sites, you can’t bet on CS: GO, Dota 2,, League of Legends and other shooters or strategies. The stakes are also modest with bets usually being offered for who will win a match — sometimes even just round odds like when it comes to an exact score during games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

One of the great things about sports simulators is that there are many more options. For example, in eFootball Live Mode you can put on individual totals and forms, Asian total who will score next goal, or what figure will be at final score.

Types of games

  • CS: GO is a game for two teams. It is the fight against terrorism. To win, you need to kill the enemy. This game is one of the most popular.
  • Dota 2 is a game in which two teams of five people compete. To win, you need to destroy the opponent’s fortress. Users can also place additional bets.
  • League of Legends will appeal to you if you are a fan of strategy. To win, you must destroy all the enemy buildings that protect the nexus. There is also a wide selection of bets for every taste.
  • eFootball is liked by many customers. Melbet provides maximum realism of the picture. You can bet on the victory of your favorite team, on a draw, goals in the halves and much more.
  • eBasketball is loved by basketball fans. You will be able to see simulations of matches. You can choose from more than forty markets. Each user will find the option that they like the most. Bets can only be placed in Live mode.
  • eHockey allows you to bet on totals, on the final score and much more. You can use a huge number of markets.

What bonuses are there?

Melbet gives you a bonus for the first deposit to your account. Active users receive 10% cashback with a negative total for one month. For the first deposit, you can get no more than $ 200. If you wish, you can win back the bonus with bets. The player also receives 10 % of the loss at the end of the month. This amount can reach up to $ 130.

Currently, esports is very popular. Betting on it is exciting and interesting. You have a high chance of winning. Choose the discipline that you like the most, and register on the office’s website. Esports Betting at MelBet is a good opportunity to earn money on your favorite games.

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